TNBT: Lego bling

After wearing a hat/cap made out of Lego to the American Music Awards, has just performed on X Factor, wearing a Lego watch.

TNBT? Watch this space.

Great celebrity endorsement for Lego either way!

With the Facebook campaign where people changed their profile pics to cartoon characters from their childhood (for the NSPCC) and now William using a children’s toy as a menswear accessory, keep an eye out for more examples of colourful childhood favourites being used in a new, relevant way.

Update – 21:20 5 Dec 2010

Just found this:

Is will 3008 or 2000 and late?

Trendhunter also spotted Lego accessories in the Spring 2008 Marc Jacobs show back in October 2007

UPDATE (16 Dec): Here’s the company that made’s Lego bling –

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