Trends / TNBTs: Shine Comms’ ‘Swarming in the Statusphere’

Shine Comms has launched a book on trends“an insight into the cultural phenomenon that is the network from leading contributors across the industry”

In G2, John Crace took the p#ss out of it a bit, dismissing it as PR blah. Which some of it probably is.

But there are a few trends and TNBTs (out of the full list of 50) which might be worth watching. Here are the ones I think are worth paying particular attention to, especially when planning campaigns for 2011:

4 – Participative Art

“shift from treating the work as spectacle … towards the idea of art as an immersive experience”

TNBT? Seems quite likely and the book gives examples of how it’s already taken off. Plus, social media will inevitably be used by participants to share the experience with Facebook friends, Twitter followers, blog readers (etc), helping to raise awareness of each experience and encouraging others to take part.

5 – The Show Show

Space outside events being used for interesting experiences.

Simple enough.

11 – Tweetcarts

“Food vendors in vans who tweet to let people know they’re in the neighbourhood.”

TNBT? I really hope this one takes off. A different food experience – part exclusive/limited edition dining, part street culture, all driven by Twitter. (See my post on gourmet food vans)

13 – Un-conferences

“Conferences for new-media workers” – “smaller, more informal groups and
less predictable speakers”

Must be better than most standard meetings and it’s new media, so why not try new ways of working? Let’s all un-conference.

45 – Continuous Partial Attention

“the mental state created by exposure to multiple information streams in today’s knowledge economy; essentially it means you are vaguely aware of loads of stuff without really understanding any of it”

Information overload, shorter attention spans, health problems, etc. It’s all frying our brains (see earlier post). But watching X Factor whilst seeing that people are saying on Twitter and then reading about it on a blog makes the whole experience richer. That’s just the way it is now and I can’t see it changing anytime soon.

46 – The IQ Economy

“burgeoning market for various goods and services that claim to enhance IQ, creativity and  energy”

TNBT? Forbes magazine said so…

So, alot more noteworthy points in there than I originally thought. Definitely worth a look. Here are a few more I might come back to at a later date:

Digital fog, Personalised search (Hunch), Frugal innovation, Shouldwedo-Couldwedo, Cupuacu

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