Media moment of the day: Cheryl vs Wagner

You’d think that performing live on the nation’s most watched/talked about programme every week would mean you’d get a bit of decent media training, wouldn’t you?

“I didn’t know the guy was a journalist” (Wagner) just doesn’t cut it, but Cheryl Cole/Tweedy ended up coming across the worst when she brought up alleged comments about her from Wagner (apparently from an interview in the Daily Mirror).

Waiting until after his performance on a live show was unfair, but Wagner came back with a fantastic response:

“He asked me what I think of Cheryl and I said Cheryl is a role model for the young people of this nation because I believe she has lived on a council estate and so many people who live in a council estate don’t believe they can achieve a better standard of living.

“You are incredibly talented and beautiful and you have the manners of a princess.

“You are now the most favoured woman in the whole country.”

Just half an hour after the show finished, Press Association had already written up the ‘story’ – obviously the big talking point (followed closely by Katie’s new haircut). Shame it’s not about talent, but I guess this is more fun and gets people talking.

Interesting to see how it will be covered in the Mirror tomorrow/next week.

And will it make Wagner popular?! (Again, nothing to do with the singing, but I’m very slightly tempted to vote for him…)

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