PR #stars: fauxtobiographies

A couple of fauxtobiographies have been getting some great coverage in the last two weeks.

Cheryl Kurl -Woath it? Coase Ah Am, Pet

The hilarious Cheryl Kurl has released an autobiography. Sara Cox even discussed it with the real Cheryl Cole in a live interview on Radio 1’s Breakfast Show, introducing it to millions of listeners. Easily one of the best things on Twitter, but not sure it can sustain a whole book.

Cheryl Kerl autobiography Woath it? Coase Ah Am, Pet

Aleksandr Orlov – ‘A Simples Life, My Life & Times’

Great coverage this week, with the ‘news’ that Aleksandr’s autobiography was beating Jordan’s book in the charts. It’s been a while since anyone took the p#ss out of ‘Katie Price’, so good pickup in nationals and on radio. Good (brief) analysis by Jason Galluci (MD of Lexis PR) in this week’s PR Week, in which he describes the book as “a very clever piece of brand extension”. I’d even go as far as saying that Aleksandr has, in some way, helped to improve the reputation/image of Russians…

A Simples Life - My Life & Times by Aleksandr Orlov

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