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Almost a year ago, I started coffee.paper.tweet with a post about the closure of the print edition of Media Week. Amid the doom and gloom of newspaper cuts and closures, there was some good news, with the launch of Stylist and The Sun celebrating its 40th anniversary.

Today, the first new national newspaper for 25 years launched, as well as a fantastic new men’s magazine called Gaz7etta. Great news for the print industry and two excellent titles to freshen up the market.

i -Bright, colourful, accessible, crammed with content (but a few too many large adverts, which is understandable, of course). Great alternative to the Metro for commuters. Looks and feels like a fun version of a good quality daily. Still need a few more reads, but looking positive.

I think I was a bit too harsh yesterday.

GAZ7ETTA http://www.gaz7etta.co.uk/

Gaz7etta – Cool, clever and stylish. Page after page of engaging, interesting content. Good style features. And I love the ‘Suits You?’ graph. Some great journalists on board, too (for the pilot at least) – e.g. Grace Dent, Polly Vernon. Hate to use an X-Factor cliché, but completely relevant.

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