Is it cos i is new?

“i is. Are you?”

You can’t help but think of Ali G when reading about the launch of Independent ‘spinoff’ i. The slogan “i is. Are you?” is almost like a whole mock yoof-speak conversation:

i is. is u? ai. is it.

Not too sure who would buy this 20p Independent-lite, but I’m looking forward to seeing a brand new national newspaper join the market tomorrow morning. It’s described as a ‘slimmed down’ and ‘condensed’ quality daily (Mon-Fri) and hopes to catch the ‘lapsed national newspaper reader’ and appeal to those who normally rely on the internet for their news.

i is. Are you? New newspaper 'i' launches tomorrow.

Okay, it’s 20p, but it sounds like it will be so light on content (which is taken from the main paper anyway) that most people would probably opt for the Metro instead. And will the Independent lose readers as they go for the cheaper version?

Hard to say without actually seeing the paper, so will wait until tomorrow before passing judgement.

Let me know what you think.

Ali G

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