TNBT: upcoming American TV imports

Where is all the hype?

Autumn’s here and there’s no 24/Lost/Desperate Housewives/Glee-style excitement building. Usually, new series of new US TV shows come with loads of publicity, but it’s been very quiet this year. UK broadcasters haven’t snapped up a raft of hotly-anticipated new programmes.

Nothing really stands out this year, but could one of these be tnbt?

The Event

Anything that’s described as “An amalgamation of Lost, 24 and FlashForward” (The Independent) must be worth a watch.

Starts on Channel 4 this month.

Raising Hope

More trailer-park fun from the creators of My Name Is Earl. Comedy Raising Hope centres on the birth of a baby named Princess Beyonce. One-joke wonder? Let’s see…

Starts on Sky1 this month.

Are they TNBTs? Let’s wait and see.

What else? The Apprentice is back next week!

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