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PR #stars: fauxtobiographies

A couple of fauxtobiographies have been getting some great coverage in the last two weeks. Cheryl Kurl -Woath it? Coase Ah Am, Pet The hilarious Cheryl Kurl has released an autobiography. Sara Cox even discussed it with the real Cheryl … Continue reading

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i / Gaz7etta

Almost a year ago, I started coffee.paper.tweet with a post about the closure of the print edition of Media Week. Amid the doom and gloom of newspaper cuts and closures, there was some good news, with the launch of Stylist … Continue reading

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Is it cos i is new?

“i is. Are you?” You can’t help but think of Ali G when reading about the launch of Independent ‘spinoff’ i. The slogan “i is. Are you?” is almost like a whole mock yoof-speak conversation: i is. is u? ai. … Continue reading

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Cool stuff

Rick Owens Antonioli High Tops          

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All the cool things were born in 1985

A number of influential cultural icons – in the worlds of film, publishing, gaming, fashion, theatre and TV – celebrate their 25th anniversaries this year.

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TNBT: upcoming American TV imports

Where is all the hype? Autumn’s here and there’s no 24/Lost/Desperate Housewives/Glee-style excitement building. Usually, new series of new US TV shows come with loads of publicity, but it’s been very quiet this year. UK broadcasters haven’t snapped up a … Continue reading

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