National Cupcake Week starts tomorrow

The cupcake craze is widely attributed to Sex and The City, but it’s not just a passing trend – cupcakes are here to stay. Cupcakes are now part of popular culture (and their popularity has been amplified by popular culture too).

Earlier this year, whoopie pies and macaroons were tipped to be TNBT in baked treats. Both were set to be ‘the next cupcake’, but where are they now?!

Harrods and M&S got some good media coverage out of ‘massive demand’ for whoopie pies, but other than some artisan/independent bakeries, you can’t easily find them anywhere else.

Macaroons had a little bit of hype – geared more towards the ‘high-end’ (unlike whoopie pies which M&S brought to the mainstream market) – but it quickly faded away.

Happy Cupcake Week!

Cool cakes:

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2 Responses to Cupcakes

  1. Cookie Monster is the best one – inspiration for future interns…

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