PR #star: Cats!

They’ve got the nation’s sympathy, star in a brand new advert for a major brand and now they’re making royalty LOL.

Top 3 cat moments of the last few weeks.

1 – The cat sat in a (wheelie) bin

Nothing makes the country as angry as a woman who pushes a cat into a wheelie bin.

Further reading: @catbinlady

2 – The cat sat on the (flatpack) bed

Iconic furniture brand IKEA is due to launch its new TV advert today, during The X-Factor. The ad, the first by Mother London, is made up of footage filmed after they let 100 cats loose in the Wembley store. It also features the new strapline ‘Happy inside’.

A good example of integrated activity with Cake creating a competition, linked to Facebook, in which you guess the piece of furniture the cats in the ad settle on to win the piece.

3 – The cat sat on the organ

Prince Charles thought that ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ being played on a ‘cat organ’ was well funny.

Good coverage for the launch of an eco-festival – part of the Prince’s Start initiative to encourage sustainable living.

Dogs and foxes, take note.

coffeepapertrend prediction: a new children’s cartoon/TV series starring a cat (not a lazy one like Garfield) and an improvement in the perception of ‘women who keep cats’.

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