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Media moment of the day: Australia’s Next Top Model

Sure you will have heard/read about/seen the clip at some point today. Major error on live TV by Rupert Murdoch’s daughter-in-law. How did they get it wrong?! The runner-up is getting cash compo, but she could still do really well … Continue reading

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Tru dat: Computers Re-wire Your Brain

Oxford University neuroscientist Baroness Susan Greenfield has warned that our growing dependence on technology and social media websites is leading to a ‘re-wiring’ of the human brain.

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National Cupcake Week starts tomorrow The cupcake craze is widely attributed to Sex and The City, but it’s not just a passing trend – cupcakes are here to stay. Cupcakes are now part of popular culture (and their popularity has … Continue reading

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PR #star: Cats!

They’ve got the nation’s sympathy, star in a brand new advert for a major brand and now they’re making royalty LOL. Top 3 cat moments of the last few weeks. 1 – The cat sat in a (wheelie) bin Nothing … Continue reading

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TNBT: heavy-duty soles on men’s shoes

Apparently “built-up sole[s]” on men’s shoes are in this autumn and will be during SS11. TNBT? Not too sure… they look a bit special.

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TNBT: B-movies/spoofs

Films like The Expendables and Piranha 3D, etc, have been around for a few months now, but two upcoming movies are tipped to be the start of a wave of B-movies/spoofs/B-movie spoofs.

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TNBT: haul vlogs

Another “revolution” – this time it’s “afoot in teenagers’ bedrooms”, according to The Sunday Times. Haul vlogs – teenage girls, known as haul queens, upload videos of themselves after they’ve been on a massive shopping spree/received loads of freebies, sharing … Continue reading

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TNBT: gourmet food vans

The Independent claims that a gourmet burger van is “part of a revolution in British street food“. Is fancy street food the next big thing? Some countries (India, for example) are known for their tasty, cheap, fresh street food. England … Continue reading

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NOW RECRUITING: bandwagon drivers wanted.

coffee.paper.tweet is changing. Rebranding as coffee.paper.trend, alongside the usual PR/media commentary, I will be sharing the things that are tipped to be ‘the next big thing’ – TNBT. Watch out for TNBT posts for a look at what’s tipped to … Continue reading

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