PR #Stars and #Fails

PR #Stars

Lots of PR agencies have launched Twitter measurement/analysis tools, but most seem to be gimmicks and some don’t  actually work.

Tweetminster, the political tweet feed (and website as I’ve just discovered), has had some fantastic coverage after analysing over 5 million tweets and publishing its results in time for the coalition government’s first 100 days in power. It found that ‘David Cameron’ was the most discussed political topic on the microblogging site – not sure how newsworthy or surprising this is, but coverage includes BBC, Channel 4 and the Guardian.

Tony Blair? The former prime minister announced that he’s going to give the profits from his memoirs to the Royal British Legion. The press and the PR community has been fairly critical about the move, but it’s helped his book jump from below 50 to number 7 in Amazon’s bestsellers list. All helping to raise money for charity, so he’s hovering  just above the middle of the barometer.


PR #Fails

My hometown, Preston (unfortunately), is the worst place in the country for road accidents involving children. Kids in England’s newest city face a 1 in 206 chance of being in a road collision, according to research by the Road Safety Analysis group. Hopefully, the widespread news coverage will help to raise awareness of the issue, especially during the summer holidays. If you’re a child in Preston, just don’t try and cross the road. Live on one side of the street – it’s much safer!

Holiday firms keep going bust, ruining thousands of people’s holiday plans. On top of BAA strikes and volcanic ash clouds, it’s (almost) enough to put you off going on holiday.

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