Gordon Brown's bigot gaffe

WTF was that all about? Seriously.

Sky News’ election debate and post-debate coverage was pretty good TV (but slightly painful to watch when Kay Burley was banging on about The Sun poll that said DC won). Today, Sky News’ credibility as a news organisation just nose-dived, but the worse it is, the better it is to watch.

Sensationalism will always win over more boring/factual stuff. With our tiny attention spans, the constant yellow ‘Breaking News’ banner is addictive, but when it says that ‘Gordon Brown is in someone’s house’ continuously for hours with a visual of some men in suits standing outside a house, it’s just not interesting or relevant.

I always turn to Sky News first because of the sensationalism and because it’s generally ‘first for breaking news’, but Bigotgate was really disappointing, especially after Monday when various news outlets said that we were going to finally have some proper focus on policy. The election is next week, but what do we actually know/understand about the three main parties’ policies? We know what the PWAGs are wearing and that Nick Clegg’s kids were stuck in Spain, etc.

PR spin for the Tories: GB is weak on immigration

PR spin for Labour: GB is actually a human being after all

The British public seems to like our ‘celebs’/role models to be fallible. In fact, we like to knock them down and then build them up (usually more than once) – e.g. Jade Goody, Cheryl Cole, David Beckham, even Jordan/Gordon/Katie.

It will be interesting to see the effect that Bigotgate has on the polls [and the election result in Rochdale].

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