Most pointless statement ever?

“Cheryl asks the media to respect her privacy during this difficult time.”

So Cheryl’s separated from Ashley after weeks of tabloid scandal and speculation.

1,828 articles came up as the first result for a Google News search of ‘Cheryl’, not to mention the other pages and pages of results, so I can’t see that request being respected.

Cheryl’s first two singles’ lyrics – ‘Fight for this love’ and ‘3 Words’ – have provided plenty of wordplay for the tabloids, so her new single ‘Parachute’ is pretty prescient with lines like “They want to see us fail” and “You’re gonna catch [me] if i fall”.

It’s not just the tabloids who are obsessed with the People’s Princess’ love life. The Times led with the social media angle – ‘Cheryl Cole announces split from her husband Ashley on Twitter

Funny piece from the Metro looking at potential suitors –

The outcome?

Cheryl’s new single gets to number 1 – probably

Ashley becomes most-hated man in Britain – maybe

Relentless tabloid and magazineĀ  (and broadcast and online) coverage – definitely

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1 Response to Most pointless statement ever?

  1. jonathanjk says:

    I’m surprised and saddened that celebrity gossip is still holds the nations attention. They are so boring.

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