Cheap trick

For an example of desperate PR, take a look at this article on the Daily Mail’s website.

A company called Blighty Arts has developed a game called My Minx, allowing players to buy contraception and orphans for their characters. It’s apparently angered parents of children “as young as seven”. It’s not clear how many children are actually playing the game or how/if it’s marketed to them.

In the game, A Cambodian orphan called Maddox, aged 3, is a “fan of eating cockroaches”, whilst Ethiopian Zahara eats guinea pigs. You can even adopt children from Haiti. How’s that for a news hook?

The PR spin
Quick, cheap publicity with brand mentions, raising its profile overnight.
Position the brand as maverick, controversial, quirky and funny (?)

Even still, a cheap dirty trick that will no doubt get some attention, provoke ‘outrage’ and generate some buzz.

An alternative strategy would be to try and build a positive profile for the brand and its spokespeople. Either way, My Minx will probably have lots more visitors in the next couple of days, so either way it’ll be positioned as a PR success.

Maddox, three, is said to be Cambodian and a fan of eating cockroaches, and Ethiopian Zahara’s favourite food is the guinea pig – they are named after Ms Jolie’s children.

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