Na-na-noooo Dappy, you can't do dat bruv!

PR #Fail of the day goes to Dappy, aka Costas Dinos Contostavlos (and therefore N-Dubz too).

I’m definitely an N-Dubz fan and always saw Dappy as the potential-ASBO one (Tulisa’s the girl one and Fazer’s the quiet one).

But I can’t understand why he would text a Radio 1 listener with abuse and death threats. You don’t need media training or an agent to tell you that you just can’t do that.

This is a real blow to N-Dubz’s reputation, especially after they helped launch Beatbullying (ironically, a campaign against cyber-bullying), which meant that Ed Balls (the Schools Secretary) got involved. His condemnation added a further news angle, so the story’s been picked up everywhere (and has been running for most of the day).

They’ve got lots of young fans so parents will be wary and they’re very unlikely to be asked to get involved with any more campaigns in the near-future (especially those aimed at children). Interesting to see the effect on their next few singles.

Then again, Kate Moss got caught taking coke and look at her now. (Plus, dubious quick PR win for the Chris Moyles show)

She said he was:

“a little boy with a silly hat”

He said she was:

“f****** chicken”

“dum f****** ****head”

[more seriously] “gonna die”

“never [going to] be left alone!!”

And then after all that:

“I sent the messages to her in the heat of the moment when I was angry, but that is no excuse.”

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2 Responses to Na-na-noooo Dappy, you can't do dat bruv!

  1. skye says:

    i dont care what he dose i will always love him and n dubz what ever he dose i love u dappy nannii xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Susie says:

    Im N-Dubz number1 Fan…
    I Didnt Fink It Was Rite Wah e Done On Wat Eva Raido It was…
    Haha…. I Love Dappy…
    If E Got My Number I Wud B Well Chuffed…
    A Mean Look At Em Hes Great….
    Bt If It Was In Tha heat of The Moment Dosent She Forgive Em…
    I sat Fings in Da Heat Of Tha Moment…
    Im Sure we All Do…
    So y Point The Finger at Him all Cos hes Famous…
    Back Off There Ppl To…
    U Do And Say things In The Moment…
    Jus Because There Famous Dose This Mean They Should b Prfcet…
    Cos No1s Perfect…
    I Love Dappy…

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