Names to watch in 2010

Some of the big names of 2009 were up-and-coming talent few people had heard of this time last year. The Red Pages predicted Lady Gaga and Robert Pattinson (alongside 98 others) would make it big in their annual Hot 100 list (2008).You’ve probably never heard of most of them, but the ones that made it are now household names.

Justin Bieber

The latest list is worth a read if you’re looking for talent to front a campaign, collaborate with or if you just want to know who we’ll seeing, hearing, watching, talking, blogging and tweeting about in 2010:

Ellie Gellard

The Independent’s ‘Pandora’s People to Watch in 2010‘ focuses more on the ‘comeback kings and queens’.

The agents and publicists will be doing everything they can to make 2010 their client’s big year.

Another great post from 10 Yetis – Winners and Losers of 2009 picks out the stars who have generated buzz (in a positive way) and got the public’s support, as well as those who wish 2009 never happened (such as golf’s golden boy, Tiger Woods).

Tinie Tempah

On a final note, things could go either way for this year’s Celebrity Big Brother contestants – will we forget the has-beens desperate for a ‘comeback’ after the winner is announced, or will it give us the most talked about TV moment of 2010 and resurrect someone’s career? Will anyone be watching?

Just think of what a few days together in the Big Brother house did to the reputations of Jade Goody, Shilpa Shetty, Jermaine Jackson and Danielle Lloyd.

As well as ‘the next big things’ predicted by the lists above, there’ll also be the ones that come from nowhere. The ones that no-one has heard of and there’s no way of predicting. Think Susan Boyle. Can’t wait!

Happy New Year!

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4 Responses to Names to watch in 2010

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  3. True, very unpredictable.

    Not like CBB, which is a bit more predictable.

    I predict that Vinnie Jones will win and have a national newspaper football column by the time the World Cup starts. If the hype lasts, maybe some presenting slots during the tournament (but June is very far away).

    Sisqo – Radio 1 were already playing Thong Song by around 08:30 this morning. A top 20 hit?

    S-O-V – timing is bad. 2009 was the year of grime, so a year too late? Shame.

  4. ladyelenauk says:

    Mmmh We’ll see.

    Isnt it strange though, Shilpa Shetty became Widely known due to her arguement with Jade Goody. She also came out good cos she did not get “involved” or should I say take the “bait” in that arguement…… and may Jade RIP.

    Life – So, unpredictable….

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