It's snowing (PR opportunities)!

Just as insurers are quick to provide spokespeople and claims estimates when the UK is hit by floods and winds that cause damage to homes, snow also provides opportunities for quick-thinking (or very well-prepared) PRs.

Press Association

Bookies‘ predictions of a ‘white Christmas’ are always included in weather stories at this time of year, alongside updates and advice from weather experts and motoring organisations such as AA and RAC. Here‘s a good piece of coverage for William Hill (and Ladbrokes) including an estimate of how many bets have been placed, possible payouts, a spokesman’s quote and some regional figures.

Here are a few ideas on how PRs can take advantage of the snow-led news agenda:

Sales figures for snow/cold-related products (e.g. gloves, sledges, de-icer, hot chocolate etc)

Solutions to snow-related problems (e.g. products/services to make working from home easier, innovative snow-kits)

‘Triumph over adversity’ (“kind-hearted radio listeners make couple’s white wedding dream come true” – the headline writes itself)

Look out for more light-hearted, quirky snow-related news stories in the coming days.

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