Big news news stories of 2009

End of year reviews are great. I’m looking forward to Sky News’ annual look back at the headlines of the year (Jade Goody, swine flu, MJ, floods, etc) and the last weekend supplements of 2009.

Two meta-media news stories that stood out for me – in terms mass coverage and political impact – are the Daily Telegraph’s MP expenses leak and The Sun turning blue.

Daily Telegraph

A leaked copy of MPs’ expenses records made its way onto the Daily Telegraph’s pages in May. The story was covered everywhere, dominating the media for months causing massive reputational damage to politics and politicians (as well as various MP resignations, a new Speaker, an inquiry and a shakeup of the entire expenses culture).

The Sun

After supporting Labour since 1997, the Sun switched allegiance to the Conservatives, with a headline-grabbing front page (above) and lists of Labour’s failures (along with a handy wallchart). The timing was meant to cause maximum damage, coming the day after Gordon Brown’s speech at the party conference. Interesting to see if this shapes or reflects ‘the nation’s mood’.

Here’s PR Week’s 2009 comms review. Enjoy!

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2 Responses to Big news news stories of 2009

  1. Jason says:

    I have to say swine flu was like a broken record and MJ Death was the music lovers nightmare

    Good Choices!

  2. Good choices. I can’t really argue.

    Michael Jackson’s death was a big event in terms of column inches, but short on news.

    The economic crisis was really a hangover from last year.

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