Interview tip #1 – Don't insult the journalist

I was shocked after reading Camilla Long’s interview with Cherie Blair in the Sunday Times. It’s almost a spoof of a really bad interview.

Mrs Blair manages to insult the journalist from the moment she meets her:

“I don’t know what goes wrong between Cherie Blair and me, but it definitely goes wrong in the first five minutes and probably on sight because, bowling into the foyer of a London hotel, she takes one look at me and says: “Oh, hello! Are you the greeter?””

Cherie clearly dislikes the press (but obviously sees it as a necessary evil), saying that the journalist “went for the worst possible choice” in terms of her career options.

Unsurprisingly, Long describes Blair as:

“living up to her gobby stereotype”

“artless and self-serving”

I doubt these were the key messages she wanted to get across.

Some very basic lessons to come out of it:

Don’t insult the journalist – and journalism itself – if you want a half-decent writeup (otherwise, what’s the point of the interview?)

Talk about the brand/activity/whatever you’re promoting and put it into context – don’t contradict its basic principles

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