theblogpaper – a paper made from blogs!

Just when it seemed like London’s freesheet industry had died, along came theblogpaper!

This is a fantastic, innovative idea – a crowdsourced newspaper compiling the best blogs.

People submit blog articles to the website. They’re rated by readers and then the top articles are published in a newspaper.

My definition of ‘printernet‘ has now been widened to include the mutual crossover taking place between print and online media. Theblogpaper is a great example of the constant blurring between ‘old’ and ‘(relatively) new’ technology.

The first issue came out on Friday 20 November (after a pilot in September) and was available at Stratford, Bethnal Green, Old Street, Angel and Holborn train stations.

It’s not yet available outside of London, but theblogpaper has kindly sent me a copy in the post. Can’t wait to see it.

Did you pick up a copy of theblogpaper? What did you think?

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